A Break Is Needed

A Short Break Is Needed Hello to all of those who might be following the F1AE blog, wherever you are reading from! Whilst the F1 season is now back on this weekend in Belgium, I regret to say that for the time being I will not be covering the races either on here or my Podium Posts blog. I am going through some very difficult personal times and as a result need to take a break for my health. This is not intended to be the chequered flag, merely a red. The session WILL resume (on both sites) shortly after I catch my breath from the gut-punch I have suffered. I will still watch races but need time to simply recuperate. In the mean-time and for the coming weeks I am trying to arrange for others to take over with some excellent writing! Many thanks and I hope you enjoy the races, James EDIT FOR 2019: I am not planning to return to covering races every week in 2019, as with the other endeavours I'm undertaking this year I'm very short on free-time & have decided to enjoy the races and weekends instead. I may occasionally write some stuff on here and Podium Posts instead.

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