Red Bulls PU Saving Strategy is going to Plan.

Radio check. 1, 2, Radio check.

Daniel and Max became Armchair Spectators

Red Bull are doing a great job at making a title bid for the season. It hasn't started yet but its coming. Oh its coming.

With all teams now only allowed to use 3 Power Units this year they have had to be clever in their strategy to eek out the kms of each unit.

Red Bull have come up with the best strategy :

Retire the cars at the power intensive circuits and make it look like an accident. That way they will have plenty of oomph left and can challenge at the more twisty, lower top speed tracks.

I have been having trouble with my radio since testing in Barcelona. It seems to be tuned into the Red Bulls frequency, but what do you expect when Huawei build your headsets.

Anyways, there I was in the garage just minding my own business, melting in the heat and trying to discretely un-stick my ball sack from my thigh, when I heard Horner on the radio say "PRESS IT! PRESS IT NOW! I thought to myself, what the frick is he on about, and I look up at the monitor (now my testicles have been freed) and there is Daniel Ricciardo pulling over to the side of the track. I look over and Horner is fist pumping like he has just been offered a hand job from a Porn star.

"Daniel, we are so proud of you. Thanks for taking one for the team" Christian said.

2 laps later and it happens again. "PRESS IT! PRESS IT NOW!" I hear Horner scream. Low and behold its now Max thats retiring.

"Great job Max. Brilliant job. Well done. Well done mate. That went much smoother than your spin in Qualifying. Remember to blame Renault in the Press penn."

So with over 600km now saved on their Power units, the team is looking forward to getting to back to Barcelona and Monaco.

As for China....well....I will keep my radio on and let you know next week.


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