Welcome to the F1AE Blog

Hello Experts,

Well, here we are. Over 13,000 members and now our very own brand, website and Merchandise.

Our heads are spinning!

Welcome to our NEW website where we hope you will find a few things of interest.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the F1 Armchair Experts facebook group or you are only finding the world of Formula One for the first time, we hope you will find some handy information, videos and articles to help you with your addiction.

Over the coming months we hope to add a hell of a lot more to this site. We are not looking to coax you here instead of the Facebook group, but this is more of a reference point, a bookmark if you like, of all facts surrounding F1. There are no opinions here!

We have included some links to the top media sites and have just introduced our NEW line of F1AE Merchandise.

We will be looking for Content creators too, so if you are interested in writing some F1 articles for us or you already have some that you want us to publish for you, just contact us through the form.

We hope you like our NEW look and we welcome any suggestions to make it better.

Yours in F1

The F1AE Admin Team

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