29 Oct 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

In life two things matter- hard work and hard work.



That's crap.  Ever thought about the other thing that matters?

You could be an Ali in the ring, in a swansong appearance and a sudden ligament tear could pull you down.

Luck, as they say, can be a bitch....

3 Aug 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

Wow! Well this is a turn up for the books. There have long been rumours that Ricciardo was going to leave Red-Bull. But most suggestion indicated he would leave for either Mercedes or Ferrari or even McLaren (which was strange given their struggles...Yet it has now bee...

8 Jul 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

With England's football team getting to their first World Cup semi-final for around 30 years and with the yearly grace of Wimbledon in full flow, the British Grand-Prix adds the cherry to the top of this sporting cake! Can Hamilton claim his record breaking 6th British...

1 Jul 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

Today we see a much changed grid; so as usual in instances like this; the number for each driver next to qualifying is their grid slot and their time was their actual speed in qualifying before penalties and other issues. What it might also mean is an event filled race...

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