23 Sep 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

What is it with some F1 drivers? They are contracted to the same team but in reality it turns out that they simply can't get along with each other because of a personality clash. The term 'team mate' is a well known and often used term of endearment. The term can be br...

18 Sep 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

Bright lights, a finely-lit circuit. Dazzling under the clear-blue evening skies. A spine-bending, highly barricaded track where overtaking is about as difficult as avoiding a sneeze during flu. What can be as exciting as the Singapore Grand Prix, one can ask?...

2 Sep 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

Any doubts about why Hamilton is the best driver on the grid were answered from the onset of Lap 45 with there being just 8 more to go. He truly kept his cool under pressure.

But the vanquished Kimi Raikkonen answered criticism levelled against him for his indiffer...

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