15 Mar 2019

F1 Armchair Expert -

The new Formula 1 season is upon us and it feels like the first day at school after the summer holidays.

Reunited with friends and recognizing faces you see nearly every day.

And then of course it’s the catch up chats that you have after many weeks away.

All 10 teams reun...

20 Feb 2019

Formula 1 racing has always been considered a sport that is dependent on sponsorship money to provide the funding for teams to operate, year after year. As part of this funding supply, there has always been a series of well known sponsors that handed over large sums of...

13 Jan 2019

F1 Armchair Expert -

Lawrence Sheldon Strulovich, better known as Lawrence Stroll is a man who means business, especially establishing and marketing clothing brands throughout the North American market. Stroll knows it so well he has amassed a personal fortune that was declared in 2018 as...

20 Nov 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

In the next few hours, Fernando Alonso will enter his final-ever Grand Prix.

What's certain is that the venue would be the spectacular Yas Marina Circuit.

What's uncertain are Alonso's thoughts about entering his F1 finale!

Would he be just sad having run to the end...

29 Oct 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

In life two things matter- hard work and hard work.



That's crap.  Ever thought about the other thing that matters?

You could be an Ali in the ring, in a swansong appearance and a sudden ligament tear could pull you down.

Luck, as they say, can be a bitch....

22 Oct 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

The 2018 F1 season continued and found itself in the heartland of America, the lone star state of Texas and the capital city of Austin, home to the Circuit of the Americas or as it is affectionately known as COTA. 

The F1 calendar has featured COTA on it's array of race...

16 Oct 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

Like sand through the hour glass, the pages of the F1 calendar continue to be flicked over. We’ve seen the Singapore Grand Prix come and go. It is a race where the spectators sitting in the grandstands sweat as much as the drivers do due to the humidity. It was in all...

8 Oct 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

So, first of all I have to apologise for my absence over the last month or two. Funny story. I left my radio on the Renault pit wall after a game of poker with Cyril Irritable (or whatever his name is). Cyril must have thought I was leaving him an PU update and tried t...

6 Oct 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

What hope is there for current young, up and coming drivers with the F1 fraternity?

The allocated seats within F1 are always limited by the number of teams, frontline drivers and the reserve or testing seats. From season to season, drivers either retire or aren’t retain...

1 Oct 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

There was no red letter day for Ferrari at Sochi but it was all pretty and silver from the perspective of the Mercedes team.

It could be said, the taste of the vodka may not carry happy bubbles necessarily for two men on the grid. For starters, Sebastian Vettel may be r...

23 Sep 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

What is it with some F1 drivers? They are contracted to the same team but in reality it turns out that they simply can't get along with each other because of a personality clash. The term 'team mate' is a well known and often used term of endearment. The term can be br...

18 Sep 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

Bright lights, a finely-lit circuit. Dazzling under the clear-blue evening skies. A spine-bending, highly barricaded track where overtaking is about as difficult as avoiding a sneeze during flu. What can be as exciting as the Singapore Grand Prix, one can ask?...

2 Sep 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

Any doubts about why Hamilton is the best driver on the grid were answered from the onset of Lap 45 with there being just 8 more to go. He truly kept his cool under pressure.

But the vanquished Kimi Raikkonen answered criticism levelled against him for his indiffer...

26 Aug 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

Hamilton's imperious saga as seen so far in 2018 got a feisty counter-punch by Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel as racing resumed at Spa-Francorchamps after the mid-season halt. Seb Vettel's searing pace proved too good a match for Lewis Hamilton's Silver Arrow, putting his...

25 Aug 2018

F1 Armchair Expert -

A Short Break Is Needed

Hello to all of those who might be following the F1AE blog, wherever you are reading from! Whilst the F1 season is now back on this weekend in Belgium, I regret to say that for the time being I will not be covering the races either on here or m...

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